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With the exception of Fowl Pox for which vaccination is accomplished by piercing the web area of the wing,
 most other vaccines can be administered orally via drinking water, by course spray or by eye drop.
 We do not recommend the eye-drop method as this often leads to eye infections.
Chicken vaccines are quite cheap and can be obtained via you local farmers
' Co-op or a veterinary pharmacy if there is one near you. If you live in Pretoria,
 Kruvet Pharmaceuticals or Onderstepoort Veterinary Hospital pharmacy can supply what you need.
 Order in advance as they may not always stock what you require.

We vaccinate our chickens against Newcastle Disease (NCD), Infectious Bronchitis (IB), Fowl Pox (P) and Gumboro Disease (GD).
Some vaccines are better suited to very young (day-old) chicks while other vaccines or vaccine strains are only safe for older chicks and adult poultry.
Full details of vaccinations used can be obtained by clicking on the "More ...." links below. Both national organisations SPSA and SASPO
have recommended vaccine programs on their websites. We also add a coccidiostat to our feed to combat coccidiosis, 
a problem with poultry that can also negatively impact on other household animals such as dogs and cats. 
The easiest way is to buy commercial chicken feed with a coccidiostat already added in.

Chickens need around 20 grams of protein every day for them to keep laying eggs.
 If their diet isn’t providing them with this protein then they won’t be able to lay many eggs.

To ensure your chickens are getting plenty of protein make sure you are feeding them layers pellets.

Layers pellets have been manufactured to contain all the key minerals, nutrients and minerals that hens require
We Buy all our chicken feed from Goue voere in Pretoria North.
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